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We have two types of plans you can choose from.

Our Automated Individual Reseller Websites plan allows you to have from one domain to many domains in your account. You also have the ability to have your own resellers and resell our services as your own. This gives you a whole new stream of revenue. We currently offer 16 hosting plans that you can offer your clients starting at just $1.25 per month!

Our Virtual Managed Servers are best suited for those clients who have the need for multiple domains or who wish to have full control over their domains as far as delegating options, email, disk space and bandwidth.

Individual reseller/developer accounts
We offer individual website hosting at discounted pricing for resellers. These web sites are full featured websites that come hosted on our hybrid Linux SUSE and Windows servers. There is no need to choose which operating system you wish to offer your clients as we have both systems setup on each website. This allows not only ease of use of both of the top server operating systems, but also opens up each website to a whole new world of web hosting. You can now integrate applications from both of these operating systems into 1 website without the need to maintain additional websites or outside application servers. View our
pricing and feature page for details on what each web package contains. We also have SOHO email only reseller pricing for additional sales revenue.

In order to take advantange of these prices you must become a reseller. By becoming a reseller there is a monthly fee of $9.95. This monthly fee gives you the reseller pricing as well as an automated reseller system where your users can signup and create their website accounts "on the fly" and be able to access their website in seconds! This system will allow your clients to signup and get started without the need to contact you to setup their accounts. If a customer had to wait to get started, they quite possibly would find another provider. We avoid that with our automated signup systems.

Resellers can have their own resellers!
Our automated reseller system gives you the ability to have your own resellers as well as regular clients. This allows you to have your own way of networking your business to your own developers or resellers. This is a great way to expand your business and gives the ability to your clients to start their own business as well. You simply set the pricing you wish to charge your resellers. There is a monthly fee of $9.95 for each reseller you signup as well as the normal discounted website fee. You can set any pricing you wish to charge your clients. The only limitation is that your resellers cannot have their own resellers. It stops at 1 level deep.

API for complete automation!
Aside from having a turnkey solution for you to start reselling our web hosting in minutes, we also offer our new API. This API will allow you to fully control your reseller system from within your website using ASP, Perl, PHP or any programming language you can use to pass commands to our servers form within your web pages. You can preform all tasks of the normal reseller system with full control over the functionality and 'look and feel'.
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