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So you've decided to get your business online and all you need now is your website. Maybe you'll put an "under construction" page up temporarily... while you look into site designers, maybe buy some software, take an html-programming course, or hire the geeky kid down the street...

Face it! You could be months away from your goal...and do you really have the time to change your focus from your business to site designer?

With EasySiteWizard you don't have to!

With EasySiteWizard, you can:
  1. Create a dynamic website without HTML knowledge;
  2. Have your website up and running in just minutes;
  3. Access over 80 industry related templates to choose from for your website design;
  4. Access over 10,000 web-ready images, in addition to the templates;
  5. Add EasyStoreMaker, a FREE* e-commerce store, to your website at the click of a button and start selling online.
Getting your business on the Web
couldn't be easier!

Introduction to EasySiteWizard
EasySiteWizard is a powerful yet amazingly intuitive website authoring program that can help any business get online faster with a high quality, compelling website.

EasySiteWizard is more reliable because it operates on a clustered server environment that is both fully redundant and monitored 24X365.

EasySiteWizard is a simple 1-2-3 process. You will have the ability to create your website in just three easy steps with your corporate colors, customized images, a full-featured online store, and more.

EasySiteWizard is perfect for beginners because there is no need to learn complicated scripting languages. Simply use EasySiteWizard anytime to create, modify and maintain your website.

EasySiteWizard is available right in your WebsiteOS. Simply click the "site builders" option and "website wizard" to start your website building process. There's no software to download, manuals to read or extra fees to pay. Just click and go!

*Note:EasyStoreMaker is free with selected hosting plans only.

Features Benefits
An easy step-by-step website building process Build a fully functional website in just three easy steps! Gets any business online in minutes.
No HTML knowledge required Create a website without the hassle of learning scripting languages and have it up and running in just minutes!
Includes a fully indexed library of 10,000 images High-quality, royalty-free .jpegs, .gifs, vector animations, buttons and transparent web-ready images to enhance any site
Image property editor Customize the properties of your images in a fast easy to use WYSIWYG "click-and-drag" format
Support for RGB and HSB color codes Flexibility to maintain the corporate look and feel of any pre-existing branding or use specific colors you create
Multiple page layouts Predefined page layouts allow you to customize each page of your website easily
Over 80 industry designed templates to choose from Generate your website quickly with a website template that matches your business or industry
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