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Email Virus Scanning
There is hardly an email user in the world that hasn't experienced the unfortunate consequences of a virus, worm or Trojan Horse. According to a recent survey conducted by ICSA Labs, "More than three-quarters of the respondents surveyed feel that the overall virus problem is somewhat worse or much worse than last year." For this reason, we have partnered with F-Prot to offer email virus scanning technology for email accounts. F-Prot is an award wining antivirus product developed by Frisk Software – one of the world’s leading antivirus research and product development companies since 1993.

In 2001, 99% of computer virus infections were spread through the use of Internet services. According to a recent survey released by ICSA Labs, "In addition to being more prevalent in surveyed corporations, computer viruses were more costly, more destructive, and caused more real damage to data and systems than in the past." With these facts in mind, it becomes painfully obvious that protecting companies and Internet users alike from the threat of email borne viruses should be of paramount concern for any email user.

You can protect your email account from receiving a computer virus and spreading it to your systems and hardware as well as your friends, family, colleagues and co-workers. Email Virus Scanning from will help safeguard your data from corruption or destruction.
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