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EasyStoreMaker Pro
With the dramatic growth in Internet usage, many companies and entrepreneurs are setting up sites on the World Wide Web to pitch for orders, accept orders, process payment, and ship orders.

Having a storefront on the Web allows you to offer your products to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Internet has revolutionized the whole concept of marketing and sales by eliminating the geographic and time-related barriers between the merchant and consumer. Now, without hiring a single new employee, you can receive and process orders from all over the world, 24 hours a day, using EasyStoreMaker Pro.

With EasyStoreMaker Pro, you will benefit from the same features and benefits that other industry leading e-store applications offer including:

  1. 100% compatibility with EasySiteWizard, an easy to use three step website creation tool located right in your WebsiteOS;
  2. The ability to add unlimited products and images, plus catalogue them into your own defined categories;
  3. A built-in inventory stock counter so you can keep track of your store stock in real time;
  4. Online credit card transaction capabilities;
  5. And, so much more (see following page for more advanced features and benefits).
With your merchant account and payment gateway, EasyStoreMaker Pro, can get your business selling on the Web quickly and easily!

EasyStoreMaker Pro is more reliable because it operates on a clustered server environment that is both fully redundant and monitored 24X365. Most e-store applications today are optimized for a single server environment that can dramatically impair operational continuity.

EasyStoreMaker Pro is the easiest to use. Simply click on EasyStoreMaker Pro in your WebsiteOS and enter your product names. In minutes you can be up and taking live orders on the Internet for your products and services.

EasyStoreMaker is completely secure...Because we provide 128-bit Secure Socket Layer. You and your customers can be rest assured that all transactions are completely safe when purchasing items from your online store.

If you need a reliable, advanced e-store application at less cost then EasyStoreMaker Pro is the e-commerce solution for you!
*Note: EasyStoreMaker Pro is only available with selected hosting plans.

Features Benefits
Hosted on fully redundant clustered servers, monitored 24 X 365 Reduced downtime for improved productivity and lower costs
100% compatible with EasySiteWizard and all site builder tools Add a store to your existing site or build a new one in minutes!
Product catalogue feature Create catalogues to make your product categories easier to find
Add images to product listings Show them what they are buying!
Handles unlimited product SKUs The more you have, the more your store sells!
Multiple user defined variables Offer product choices such as size and colour
Built-in inventory stock counter Keep track of your stores stock with a real time inventory calculator
Product management features Let customers know that the product is sold out
Built in search function Your customers can find specific products quickly and easily
Accept online credit card transactions All transactions are instantly automated
128-bit Secure Socket Layer provided All transactions are completely secure
Advanced discount settings available Automate discount settings based on the rate ranges you define
Rate range shipping & handling charge function Automate shipping charges based on quantity or weight rate ranges!
Includes 2-tier sales tax calculator Maintain compliance with authorities and recoup all charges
All International currencies 100% functional in all markets
Email Autoresponders for customers Improve customer care thank them for their order
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