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General Information
Our servers are case sensitive. Be sure that if you upload a file in all lowercase you do not call the file with any uppercase letters. For example if you have a file called index.html and try to call it with a link as Index.html, it will not work and display a page not found. You can make our servers case insensitive using the .htaccess file.

The physical path to your web site would be determined in the following manner. We will assume a domain name of "" for an example.


/y is the 1st letter of the domain name
/o is the second letter of the domain name

Sendmail is located at:

Path to Perl is located at:

You can manage your domain in WebsiteOS from this link:

We have secured the WebsiteOS in 128 bit SSL:

Your login is your ID for WebsiteOS is your domain name.

Your webmail system is located at:

We have created a secured 128 bit SSL webmail system at:

You would need to create your email address before logging into the webmail. Create this from the EasyMail menu in WebsiteOS.

Your FTP server name is but you can use as the server name until you get the DNS changed over to the new system. Your FTP login id is Be sure that your web files are placed in the PUBLIC folder to be viewed on the Internet.

If you are a reseller then the following statement about changing name servers does not apply. You can use the temporary URLs.

Your name servers must be changed at the place you registered your domain name to:

Once you change the name servers, your domain will begin to function properly on the Internet. In the meantime, you can use this temporary URL to test your web site as long as you ordered the Beginner plan or higher package.
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