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BluePay is an Internet payment gateway. BluePay offers accurate and timely authorization of customer transactions, as well as timely back-end processing necessary to settle transactions including email confirmation for both the merchant and customers.

BluePay has a secure 128-bit SSL environment and will transfer your funds into your merchant bank account within two business days.

Getting Started with BluePay

To obtain a BluePay merchant account, you must be the principle owner of the business and have the following information:
  • Business located within the United States - P.O. Box addresses will not be accepted
  • Federal Tax ID# (For Corporations only)
  • Your Social Security Number
  • US Commercial checking account DDA and Routing numbers (NetBank Accounts not accepted)
  • Valid trade reference including phone number
  • You must be 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for a merchant account and be the Principle Owner of the business
How it Works
  • For an instant merchant account, complete and submit the Online Application at
  • You will instantly receive a congratulations html page and e-mail confirming your activation which includes integration, administrative, and virtual terminal instructions. (Please do not click submit more than once if you don't get the congratulations page. Your connection may be slow. Please engage an online chat session with our Online App® support rep).
  • Save the congratulations html page and e-mail. Print and fax the Schedule of Fees on page 2 of the html congratulations page to 1.800.859.4695
  • You can start using your BluePay™ Virtual Terminal immediately through a secure BluePay™ login.
  • Refer to the congratulations e-mail to fully integrate the gateway id and merchant account with your web site or Storebuilder software.
  • Our underwriting department will contact you if any additional information is needed for final approval.
  • You will receive a monthly statement from Online Data Corp. itemizing your daily transactions and fees.

For more information on BluePay's products and features, please visit

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