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E-xact Transactions offers robust solutions for real-time financial transaction processing. Now you can take full advantage of IP technology and enhance your competitive advantage. E-xact Transactions offers the industry benchmark in terms of ease-of-use, security and processing speed.

As a Payment Gateway Provider (or 3rd party processor), E-xact makes it easy to integrate real-time transaction processing into channels that needs credit card authorizations. Whether it is for your Web store, call center or brick-and-mortar store - E-xact's services are adaptable.

E-xact's Service Benefits:
Secure 448 bit encryption for credit card encryption
Integration into a variety of technology platforms
Card Present and Card Not Present Functionality
24/7 access to reporting and tracking tools with E-xact's Member Services Manager
Support for major credit cards in Canadian and US dollars
Variety of transaction types to fit your business functions
IP Connectivity
Superior Transaction Server Performance and uptime

Having a payment processing service provider that can address all aspects of your business is of the highest priority. Web-site, brick & mortar, call center, recurring billing - whatever your outlet, E-xact Transactions provides credit card processing so that sales from your various channels will be automated to go to your bank accounts - saving you both time and money.

E-xact's technology gives your IT team adaptable software for to a wide variety of operating platforms and programming environments. And because IP is our primary data transport mechanism, the transactional information that E-xact collects and sends is superior to standard POS machines. The data resources made available (such as E-xact's Member Services Manager) will enhance your company's knowledge base and customer service.

E-xact Risk Management
E-xact has optional functions that can be set up on their gateway to define transactional activities conducted through their Transaction Servers. These transactional safeguards protect against human error and fraudulent card activities. Available options are:

Duplicate Checking
All duplicate transactions received in a given time frame are refused.

Refund Checking
Most financial institutions place few limits on the number of refunds that a merchant may process or how those refunds match up to existing purchase transactions. Refund Checking will limit the dollar amount and/or number of refunds that can be done in a given day.

Velocity Controls
Velocity Controls are a way for merchants to place limits on the sale dollar amount or number of times a card type can be used over a given time frame. The idea for velocity controls is to potentially lessen the opportunity for a cardholder to perpetrate fraudulent transactions.

E-xact Security
Security of E-xact's customer information is of top priority. Due to the nature of the business, security and privacy of data is paramount. They are certified directly with the payment networks they operate with, maintain their software in-house and recently completed compliance with the new Visa Account Information Security (AIS) program implemented and enforced by Visa International.

E-xact protects transactional data with a 448-bit encryption algorithm and multiple firewalls. Member Services Manager data is protected by individual User IDs, passwords and SSL.

E-xact provides SSL protection for the Member Services Manager and for part of the FormPost solution. However, merchants conducting transactions via a Web site and using their FormPost solution must have an SSL certificate. Please read more on SSL in the Getting Started section of

Address Verification System (AVS)
AVS is available to US-based merchants. Further details on AVS and its functions are available in E-xact's documentation provided with the software.

Credit Card Filter
E-xact can restrict credit cards from use on E-xact's system. When alerted we set a credit card number to be denied by our gateway so that it is not processed.

For more information on E-xact's products and features, please visit

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