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Plug 'n Pay
Plug 'n Pay's DirectLink software allows businesses to accept, verify, process and manage online payment transactions for all major credit cards. DirectLink enables real-time, secure (40/128 bit encryption) credit card verification through its proprietary software and certified private gateways to most major credit card processors. There is no need for client side or PC software installments. In addition to a Plug 'n Pay account, you will also need a suitable merchant account, typically provided by a financial institution or Merchant Service provider.

Working in conjunction with your Plug 'n Pay DirectLink account, your merchant account provider forwards your funds for processed credit card sales typically within two business days. For those merchants that do not already have an Internet Merchant account, Plug 'n Pay can refer you to one of our many Merchant Bank partners.

Obtaining a Merchant Account
To sign up for a Plug n Pay payment gateway account, simply log on to and fill out the Merchant Information Request submission form. A Plug n Pay representative will contact you to help you get started.

For more information on Plug 'n Pay's products and features, please visit

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