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Paradata PayGateway
Paradata Systems Inc., founded in 1995 and headquartered in Whistler, B.C., provides industry leading Global Integrated Payment Systems and services. The company has applied its expertise in software development, security technology, and transaction processing to fill a niche in global commerce.

A leading payment service company must have best-in-class solutions and core competencies in Technology, Security, Reliability and Service.

Paradata has a proven track record of reliable service since 1995. Paradata's clients include first class financial institutions, large enterprises and small businesses - that all rely on the best available services to process their transactions.

Best-in-Class Solutions
Paradata provides electronic payment services for merchants using the Internet to connect to their Financial Institution. The company's leading edge payment platform, reliable processing, service infrastructure and array of solutions are designed to increase a business's competitive advantage.

Paradata has invested in the best available security technology in the market, including; Physical security, Environmental controls , Logical security and Service availability. Paradata is Visa CISP and Mastercard SDP Compliant, and has had its physical and logical security audited by Royal Bank, E&Y and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Paradata's sophisticated transaction management system is built on an open platform that is fully scalable and can support any development language or payment protocol. Thus, Paradata's system can be integrated into any commerce application, to any processor -- and accept all payment types; credit card, debit, ACH, PayPal etc.

Payment Protocols
Businesses accept multiple payment types from Credit Card, Debit, ACH and PayPal among others. Paradata's architecture is build to add any payment transaction information as demanded by the marketplace.

For more information on Paradata's products and features, please visit

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