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Internet Secure
Operating in 84 countries, InternetSecure is the world's premier Internet credit card processor. They provide merchant status for all popular card brands, and their proprietary fraud detection software allows merchants to enjoy the lowest chargeback rate in the industry.

What Exactly Does InternetSecure Do For Its Clients?

Internet Merchant Status
Currently they offer Canadian dollar merchant status for VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. Currently they offer US dollar merchant status for VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER. Merchants have their own unique merchant numbers and names, which their clients will see on their monthly statement as "Your Company Name via InternetSecure".

Real-time Risk Management and Fraud Detection
Since 1996, in real-time they have rejected 22% of all transactions presented to merchants based upon duplicate entries, keying errors and mischievous activity ensuring merchants only deal with valid orders. The end result of this Risk Management software is that InternetSecure merchants experience the lowest charge-back rate on the Internet, currently at less than 1/3 of one percent of approved transactions which is comparable to a non-Internet retail merchant.

Secure, on-line, real-time processing of credit card purchases approved and supported by Canadian and American Banks.
For technical security, InternetSecure utilizes a robust firewall, Redundant Servers, proprietary secure card processing software called 'SETserver' and secure ISDN links to the existing bank approved credit card processing infrastructure. This system's infrastructure has been approved by multiple bank security personnel.

Real-time, on-line delivery of electronic receipt and authorization to customer.
All credit card purchases from the Internet are electronically processed and notification received by the consumer in 10 to 15 seconds depending on the traffic on the Internet. There are no clumsy emails or special PINs with their inherent delays. Your customers receive approval and electronic receipt of their order within seconds. All details about the purchase are included on the receipt, including your merchant name, time and date, Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover authorization number, products/services purchased

Delivery of authorized consumer orders for merchant fulfillment.
InternetSecure notifies the merchant of all approved orders in real-time, via email or by other electronic methods. For merchants selling electronic products or services, they can provide special authorization codes or passwords to enable the consumer to receive the products/services from the merchant web site immediately.

Draft capture and settlement of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover transactions.
InternetSecure is responsible for all aspects of the credit card transaction - collecting information from the consumer, processing to the cardholder's own bank for authorization or decline, notifying consumer/merchant and settlement (deposit of funds to trustees' bank accounts).

Electronic funds transfer to merchant bank accounts.
Based on your agreement with InternetSecure, as to holdback percentage and timing of deposits, they will electronically transfer funds from the trustees' accounts to the bank account designated by the merchant. All credit card monies can be transferred to an account and financial institution of your choice.

Instant Merchant sales reports.
InternetSecure creates a sales file for all merchants, capturing all information provided by customer and merchant, excluding only the credit card number (stored off site) but including the card type. This information will be made available to all merchants, so they can to review sales, in a secure on-line manner. The weekly or bi-monthly report will provide a summary of all approved transactions, funds on hold, fees to InternetSecure and funds transferred to your bank account.

Daily reconciliation of card transactions with card issuers.
InternetSecure assumes responsibility for ensuring all transactions that they process to Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club and others are correctly credited to the merchant, in a timely manner.

Resolution of Clear Copy Requests and Merchant Chargebacks with the bank.
A clear copy request refers to cardholders questioning a charge on their monthly credit card statement. Usually, the consumer has forgotten about the transaction and is asking for more detail. InternetSecure will send the electronic receipt originally sent to the customer, to the bank. This receipt includes the products/services, merchant, shipping info and authorization number. In the event of a chargeback request, they will include the above information and shipping/delivery of product or service information from the merchant. InternetSecure works with the merchant and bank to resolve the situation.

1-800 Mail or Fax order authorization.
Merchants who wish to process their mail or fax orders through their InternetSecure merchant account may do so by sending these orders to InternetSecure for processing. The advantages in this are that all sales (regardless of origin) are processed and reported through one account. This eliminates the need for separate merchant numbers, bank accounts and sales reporting.

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