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The Skipjack payment gateway is a secure solution that enables business to accept and manage credit card payments online. Skipjack offers a wide range of features to help simplify the process of managing your transactions and places full control over transaction management in your hands.

Getting Started with Skipjack:

1. Obtain a merchant bank account
In order to accept credit card payments from within your application, you must meet with a bank and apply for an Internet-based Merchant Account for each credit card that you want to accept. Your account will be specially coded to allow you to receive money from transactions that are processed over the Internet. The length of time it takes to process your application will vary depending on the bank you choose. Getting a merchant account can take some time, so shopping around is advised, and start this process early.

Once approved, you will obtain a Merchant Account and will be assigned a Merchant number. This number will be your unique identifier to ensure that your transactions are processed and money from sales are deposited into the correct account.

To sign up for a Skipjack payment gateway account, contact Skipjack directly at 1 888 368-8507. A Skipjack representative will help you get started.

2. Apply for payment processing
Skipjack's simple one-page Application for Payment Processing will require you to disclose your Merchant number and account information assigned by your bank(s) in order to ensure that your funds are deposited into the correct account when you make a sale. Once you have completed the application, you will fax it to the Payment Processor. They will then enter your information into their system, assign their account information, and will complete the form with the required set-up information. The Processor will then send the completed form to TransActive, who will set up your account in the Skipjack system.

Features & Benefits:
Real-time payment authorization
Interactive register for full transaction control
Processes all major credit cards
Support for Canadian and U.S. merchant accounts
Recurring payment options
"Get status" option for terminated transactions
Customer and merchant email notification options
Up to 30 user-definable data fields
Full, partial and blind credits
Comprehensive operating system support for API's
Support for many leading shopping cart applications
Fast processing times (5 seconds)
Simple integration to existing applications
CVV2 and CVC2 support for additional fraud control
Address Verification Service (AVS) controls
Industry-leading reporting tools
Downloadable transaction detail to facilitate data mining
Detailed transaction history
State-of-the-art security technology and processes
Proven in high-transaction environments
Comprehensive user guides and support information
24x7 emergency support
Improves customer service through real time payment authorization status
Improves control over individual transactions
Reduces the cost and effort of manually processing credit card orders
Helps you manage and increase the knowledge of your business through detailed reporting
Reduces fraud incidences
Increases payment service availability

For more information on Skipjack's products and features, please visit

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