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One of the most popular merchant tools today, PayPal provides merchants with the ability to accept payments from other PayPal members or online credit card transactions, instantly from their online store. With over 4,000,000 businesses and 31 million members in 38 countries around the world, PayPal is the world's largest online payment service.

PayPal business accounts include:
1. The ability for your online store to start accepting credit card payments immediately
2. The ability to accept payments from other PayPal members
3. No start-up or monthly fees
4. Low transaction fees
5. Fraud protection
6. International availability to customers in 38 countries around the world

PayPal offers a number of merchant features:

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) - you will receive instant notification and confirmation of PayPal payments you receive. IPN also provides the status and additional data on pending, cancelled, or failed transactions.

Multi-user Access - you can create multiple, unique logins and access levels for your employees making it easier to complete necessary tasks without having access to extraneous features.

Subscription Password Management - PayPal can generate unique usernames and passwords for your subscribers, enabling them to access "members only" content on your website (recommended only for more advanced users).

Getting started with PayPal:

Simply visit
Click "signup"
Select the PayPal Business Account option
Enter your business information
Enter your information
Add a credit card (optional)
Confirm your email address

For more information on PayPal's products and features, please visit

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