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Don't lose another sale because you don't take credit cards. Your business can be accepting credit cards on your website! PSiGate have made the process of accepting credit cards one of the easiest available on the Internet. You simply complete their application and they will begin the approval process. It's that simple. 99% Approval Rate!!

Fast Easy Start
It's as easy as filling out a form. PSiGate can assist you in acquiring merchant accounts and offers packaged credit card processing solutions in order to get your business operating efficiently on the Internet. They provide the necessary tools to facilitate the processing of electronic transactions, and help you build your website into an e-commerce business, accessible to customers worldwide.

Merchant Accounts
The largest obstacle that a merchant faces when preparing their business for eCommerce is qualifying for and acquiring Credit Card Merchant Status for the Internet. PSiGate can now supply Canadian merchant accounts and assist with US and international merchant accounts, as well as providing secure, reliable, real-time credit card processing.

Web APIs
Merchant websites are seamlessly integrated by creating an application or modifying an existing application to incorporate the appropriate PSiGate APIs. This is accomplished by populating data structures containing information needed to perform related functions. The required data structures and functions are fully described in the accompanying documentation.

eTerminal turns your desktop computer into a credit card terminal. Manually process credit card transactions for mail, phone order, and walk-in businesses. PSiGate's eTerminal is the online equivalent of an POS terminal. Sign up today for eTerminal. In addition, eTerminal is also provided free with all other gateway accounts.

Recurring Billing
PSiGate's recurring billing module enables you to automatically bill customers on a periodic basis. Simply use the online interface to schedule a payment. PSiGate will automatically bill the customer then send a confirmation email to you and your customer. The recurring billing module is an excellent tool for membership and subscription based services. This service is available as an add-on.

Transaction Module
The PSiGate payment module allows the customer to receive virtually instant notification that a transaction has been processed because it communicates with card processors in real time. Their merchant solution is supported by SSL transaction protocol and allows transactions to be processed via the Internet. Multiple transactions can be processed at the same time, thereby saving more valuable time.

Fraud Protection
All transactions are thoroughly screened using industry-leading fraud protection features and your risk to fraud is significantly reduced.

Business Management
PSiGate's pricing structure for transaction processing allows you to concentrate more on your business and less on the cost of doing business. To assist you they provide several integrated graphical reports to help you get the most out of your ecommerce venture.

OnLine Reports & eCommerce Mgmt
PSiGate handles the processing of payments from purchase to deposit. Their merchant engine obtains the credit authorization, screens for fraud, deposits the funds, and provides our clients tracking and reporting of all transactions.

Banking Options
As a PSiGate customer you have full use of the PSiGate system, per their standard terms and conditions. Whether you acquire your merchant account through one of their approved financial institutions or directly from PSiGate, you can have your funds transferred electronically to a business account of your choice.

For more information on PSIGate's products and features, please visit

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