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QuickCommerce Pro
QuickCommerce Pro is a complete secure transaction processing system. Merchants can use QuickCommerce to submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card transactions without the need for a separate transaction terminal or processing software.

Credit card transactions are authorized in real-time, immediately upon submission. Automated Clearing House (ACH) collections, also known as Electronic Checks, are also supported on the QuickCommerce system. Your merchant account setup can be accepting credit cards over the Internet in 7-10 days.

QuickCommerce Pro Secure Transaction Flow

1. Customer places order
A customer enters an order on a merchant's website. The transaction information is instantly encrypted and transmitted to the QuickCommerce secure server, which is linked via a dedicated, leased data line to the credit card authorization network. A dedicated data line means faster transaction times.

2. QuickCommerce verifies with bank
The transaction information is sent by the QuickCommerce secure server via leased data line to the credit card authorization network where the validity of the card is checked and the availability of funds on that account is verified. An authorization code is returned via leased data line to the QuickCommerce secure server. The authorization is encrypted by the QuickCommerce server and transmitted in encrypted form back to the web server of the merchant which in turn triggers the fulfillment process of the order.

3. Receipt is issued and merchant gets money
An e-mail receipt is sent to the customer and the merchant (either or both can be disabled at merchant's option). Within 48 - 72 hours the merchant receives the money!

Obtaining a Merchant Account

For more information on QuickCommerce Pro's products and features, please visit

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