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CyberSource provides businesses with services and software designed to automate the commerce transaction process in multi-sales channel environments. Our goal is to help maximize sales and increase operating efficiency.

We began developing electronic payment and card-not-present fraud detection technology in 1996, long before the e-commerce industry took off. Today, with a customer list that includes such Fortune 1000 companies Compaq, CompUSA, H&R Block, Home Depot, and Nike, CyberSource is a proven provider of best-in-breed commerce automation solutions backed by exceptional customer support.

Our global experience and early entry in card-not-present transaction environments gives us a distinct advantage when meeting the demanding needs of businesses selling via multiple channels. Our customers agree that our unique hands-on knowledge of their problems, coupled with our tried-and-tested back-office solutions and a dedicated team of consulting experts, has been key to our success and theirs.

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