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Payflow Pro
Payflow Pro from Soltrus is the payment solution for you, the merchant, if you require a seamless payment processing solution with peak performance and complete customizability. Payflow Pro enables payment processing through the Payflow Pro client software. This software is a small SSL TCP/IP enabled messaging agent that controls communications between your application and the Payflow Platform. Designed for scalability and reliability, Payflow Pro creates a dedicated SSL TCP/IP level communication thread for each transaction between the client and the server.

Payflow Pro provides you with back-end connectivity to the leading payment processing network and allows your Web site to support online credit card transactions

Features and Benefits

Easy to Implement
Downloadable from Soltrus' Web site, the Payflow Pro API can be easily integrated into a customized e-commerce solution in only hours. Payflow Pro is also pre-integrated with all the major shopping cart applications and e-commerce platforms.

Payment Versatility
Payflow Pro provides immediate connectivity to all major payment processors. Soltrus lets you authorize, manage and support all major credit cards.

Centralized and Highly Secure Data Management
Data is hosted in a high-security, fully redundant, risk-free data centre. All transactions occur over secure SSL connections between your site and the VeriSign data centre.

Flexible Access for Offline Orders
The Payflow Web terminal, VeriSign Manager, gives you the flexibility to process orders offline - including orders taken over the phone, or received via fax, e-mail, or in person.

Configurable to any E-Commerce Application
Payflow Pro is ideal for enterprise merchants who require complete customizability for a controlled consumer experience. You develop your online store and incorporate Payflow Pro on your site, so your customers never leave your Web site when making a purchase.

Platform Compatibility
The Payflow Pro SDK is available for the following platforms: Windows® 95/NT, Linux, Sun® Solaris®, FreeBSD, BSDI, IRIX®, Java, AIX, HP/UX and others. The SDKs are available from the VeriSign Manager Web-based tool provided by Soltrus.

Reliable, Failproof Connectivity
Payflow Pro ensures uninterrupted TCP/IP level communication streams between your customers and your servers, eliminating potential errors.

VeriSign Manager Transaction Centre
VeriSign Manager from Soltrus is a secure, Web-based transaction administration centre that gives you the ability to administer your Soltrus account, to generate manual transactions such as authorizations, captures, credits, or voids, and to track transaction activity through online reports.

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For information on how to obtain a merchant account:

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