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ExpertLink by IntelliPay
ExpertLink is used to link EasyStoreMaker Pro to IntelliPay's ePayment system through with a two-way, real-time and secure connection to IntelliPay over the Internet to send payment requests.

ExpertLink Supported Transactions
  • All major credit card types
  • All transaction types including regular authorization, pre-authorization, credits, voids, and recurring transactions
  • Automated nightly settlement relieves you of manual "batch closing" steps and gets your money to your account much more quickly
  • Support for batch transaction uploads for bulk transaction runs

Automated Settlement Features
  • IntelliPay automatically settles your daily batch for you, eliminating manual steps to force settlement
  • Settlement begins at 8 p.m. PST daily in order to bear your merchant account deadline, helping to speed up your deposit and save on merchant account penalties
  • Settled batches kept in your secure login for viewing or downloading for 180 days

Standards Based
  • Uses industry-standard SSL security (up to 128 bit) to protect you and your buyer's data and privacy
  • Fully compatible with all "Electronic Commerce" standards of Visa, MasterCard, and other card and bank networks

  • Uses industry-standard SSL security (up to 128 bit) to protect you and your buyers data and privacy
  • IntelliPay network systems are located in secure data centers protected by man-traps, 24 hour security guards, video monitoring, card key and ID access to approved personnel only, multiple power backups, temperature and humidity controls and state of the art fire suppression systems
  • 24 hour managed firewalls and security escalation procedures
  • Secured data stores not accessible from Internet
  • Transactions received by IntelliPay are processed via private, secure connections to bank networks
  • IntelliPay securely stores the payment data for you, helping reduce your risk of hosting credit card data on your site or machines

Managing Chargeback Risk
  • Enable and configure system emails to automate:
    • E-mail transaction receipts to your buyers (heavily recommended to help alleviate chargebacks)
    • E-mail transaction notices to yourself
  • New Duplicate Transaction System helps avoid a major source of credits, chargebacks and additional merchant account fees and/or penalties
  • Fast, daily automated settlement

  • Payment authorizations turned around in 2 - 5 seconds
  • High Capacity, professionally maintained payment systems capable of millions of transactions monthly. Enhanced Peak Load capacity supports your busiest times.
  • Systems scrupulously certified by the biggest private banking networks in the world
  • Private, high-speed and redundant connections to the bank networks improves transaction turnaround times

Includes Smart Terminal™
  • IntelliPay's Smart Terminal let's you enter live, real-time, manual credit card transactions through your browser from anywhere in the world that you can log on to Internet. Smart Terminal is available from your secure IntelliPay Merchant Login
  • Smart Terminal often replaces an expensive physical terminal and printer, saving you hundreds of dollars
  • Optional Duplicate Transaction System available for SmartTerminal transactions
  • Allows multiple simultaneous logins so all your staff can process orders
  • Phone orders, fax orders, trade show orders, and more
  • Normal Authorizations, Pre-Authorizations for delayed shipments, Credit/Returns, AVS Only's (to verify active account status)
  • Supports all card types your business is approved to accept

For more information on IntelliPay's products and features, please visit

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